Life can be filled with stress and continuous upset when multiple trapped emotions are in the body. Like a rung tuning fork, the vibrations go out attracting similar vibrations from ‘out there.’ It’s nothing more than a benevolent universe showing us over and over what we have within that is begging to get out.

After only 4 sessions, a lovely lady I’ll call Janice (not her real name) told me today that she is now able to let go of things immediately that used to bother her for hours, sometimes even days, interrupting sleep and filling her with dread. It scared her at first, because who she thought she was, is no longer. Feeling nothing when all there used to be was stress, resistance, and frustration can be quite a change. That ‘nothing’ is actually a zone of possibilities – a place from which anything can come.

This place is the place of peace where drama and trauma no longer rule. A place where we have the space to determine how we are going to be. Before the space, there was immediate, knee-jerk reaction, no choice at all. The old way of being involved believing the stories of the past, designed by the mind, geared both from and towards fear.

The new way of being gives us the opportunity to create a new story designed by the heart, geared both from and towards love. That’s a really nice place to be, a place where trapped emotions no longer rule.