Emotions.  We either attempt to hang onto the ones that feel good and run from those that hurt.  Emotions in and of themselves are not bad things…  they are just another thing.  What most people do not realize is that by truly experiencing the feeling of emotions as they arise, they clear of their own accord.

We are not, as a society, taught to feel them, however.  Our national anthem might as well be “if you don’t feel good, there is something wrong with you and you need to do something to make the ‘bad’ emotion go away.”  That ‘something’ is to ignore the emotion, or use some substance, anything that will help us to feel ‘good’ again.  That is where difficulty arises.  Emotions that are ignored or masked tend to hang around in our body and energy field and create even more events that lead to the same emotion…  an attempt by the Divine Source, inherent in each and every one of us, to get our attention to feel, truly feel and experience the buried emotion and all those emotions that got stacked on top of it.

Our knee jerk reactions are indications of buried emotions.  Should we take the time to investigate those long-held emotions, rather than focusing on the event we think has caused them, we have the opportunity to experience them and watch them clear.  We are here to experience all of the ups and downs of human existence.  Without the opposites, life would be pretty boring.  (I know, I know,  boring is pretty nice sometimes!)

So what causes emotions to arise?  Our left brain is a story teller; a magnificent organ that has recorded every word and event we have ever experienced.  When something happens, however innocuous, our very adept mind searches, in a split second, all of the similar experiences in its memory bank, then it creates a story.  And the story usually starts with Oh my God, this has happened and that means.…..  The story is spun out with worry and upset; sometimes even with anger.  The story teller mind goes into high gear – adding all of the most horrible scenarios and outcomes based on past experiences and possibilities.  Fear.  Fear of being made a fool of, fear of loss of something or someone dear to us.

The right side of the brain is of a whole different makeup – It’s just happy to be here now!  It is, in a way, heart love that is fully capable of being present and witness to all that occurs with a deep sense of peace.  Sadly, the right brain is not a place a lot of us hang out in very often.  When was the last time you hung out in that right-brain peace?

Caught up in the left side of the brain story is where the suffering begins.  Notice I said ‘suffering’ and not ‘pain.’  Pain is part of this life, suffering is getting caught up in the never ending story of OH NO, my life sucks, no one ever loves me enough, respects me enough or cares for me.  Old habitual thoughts made into solid beliefs – beliefs that have robbed us of the joy of experiencing all the ups, downs, pleasures and pains of this life.

The paradox is, once the underlying beliefs and emotions have been cleared from our bodies and energy fields by acknowledging them and feeling them, then that ever present right-brain heart-peace is more available to us in every situation.  We start to experience a more balanced life, feeling emotions, however painful they may be without suffering, experiencing this crazy wonderful life without letting the scary stories scare us anymore.  Being present, here and now – the most peaceful, joyful place I know.