1. Loving the Changes in my Life

    I am loving the changes in my life since I last worked with you. I especially love the clarity of my voice these days. And what fun it is to experience a more calm and serene life as my communication continues to clear, both towards myself and others. Becky Lane, Alamogordo…Read More

    Becky, NM
  2. Very in Tune with her Clients

    I had read the book, Emotion Code, before my session with Sharon. So I knew a little about the process. I have been thru a long healing journey, using many modalities of healing in the process, and have found that emotions we hold onto can have a physical effect on us. So I was very happy to find a technique that could help me to release those emotions. It was quite surprising to me just how many …Read More

    Lynn Dragoun
  3. Cleared out things Holding me Back

    I was seen by Sharon Weaver in Alamogordo NM. The Emotion Code was totally new to me and I was slightly skeptical. However, I was very pleasantly surprised at the things Sharon was able to deduce from my session. The treatment was a very interesting process, and Sharon was able to “zero in” on areas in my past that were significant and used various techniques for clearing out things that may h…Read More

    Shari, TX
  4. Walked without My Canes

    I recently injured my back and was unable to walk without the help of 2 canes, and then with severe pain and leaning to the right.  Sharon came to my home and did a healing session of Reiki, sound therapy and hands on healing.  Sharon is so in tune and able to sense what your body is going thru and what it needs for relief.  She is truly a Reiki MASTER.  Many people have this title, but she i…Read More

  5. Haven’t had a Single Anxiety Attack Since

    Hi! I was just talking to my husband and explaining some of the changes I’ve been feeling since the Body Code session.   I haven’t had a single anxiety attack since we met last week. I’ve been so relaxed and less angry with normal things that would so easily set my anxiety into panic. Thank you so much and I hope we stay in touch.…Read More

  6. Many Rapid, Positive Changes in My Life

    After my Body/Emotion Code session with you, I’ve seen many rapid, positive changes in my life. Thank you for sharing the healing. I feel so free now.  I’ve noticed that after releasing emotions from myself, I’m seeing greater freedom in close family members also, even my children.  That is so rewarding and most encouraging.  I look forward to another session.  May your practice be bless…Read More

  7. Nothing Short of Miraculous

    My experience with Sharon so far has been nothing short of miraculous.  We have been using The Emotion Code, the Body Code and Theta Healing.   I am changing long held subconscious patterns that have ruled my whole life.  But not anymore.  I had lyme disease for about 5 months, as well as many years of depression and anxiety, when I found Sharon.   I was very sick, had been out of work for …Read More

    Cari, Connecticut
  8. More Open and Positive Mindset

    I don't know if Reiki would have helped me if Sharon Weaver were not the master.  She not only can help you clear your negative thoughts but offers excellent alternative.  I have never been able to learn unless the teacher is a true believer of what they are trying to teach.  Sharon has the ability to convey all aspects of REIKI and to penetrate the corners of your thinking – steering you int…Read More

    Linda Bryant, NM
  9. Released Many Negative Emotions

    Being in the same room with Sharon is calming. Her expertise with the Emotion Code has assisted me in identifying areas of my life that have had an impact on who I am today. Being able to identify and then release many of these negative emotions has benefitted every aspect of my life. Relationships, both personal and professional can certainly also benefit from these sessions.  My Reiki sessions …Read More

    Linda Sherrill, NM
  10. Changes have occured

    I can't tell you how many changes have occurred in my life because of the Body Code.  I’m not where I want to be, but I’m grateful that I’m not “stuck” in the same place I was when I first contacted you.  I was stuck and unable to make positive changes.  Since my Body Code sessions, I’ve implemented so many changes that can only be a result of releasing trapped emotions.  I’ve ch…Read More

    Gloria Crespin, NM