Reiki I Group Class

One on one class available

Friday evening, 5:30-8:30pm  and all day Saturday, 9:30am – 6pm.  Days and times can vary.

This class provides a working knowledge of Reiki, and how & why it benefits you and your loved ones. A Reiki I manual is included. Four attunements are given over the course of the class which opens the energy centers of the hands and the upper four chakras.  Hands-on practice provided and meditation and mind-calming techniques are taught.
Once fully attuned to receive greater amounts of this natural healing energy, the gift is always available. It will never diminish and increases with use.
With the Reiki I attunements, you can treat yourself and also provide Reiki to others for relief of physical symptoms.

5:30-8:30pm Friday and 9:30am-6pm Saturday, Days and times can vary.

Certification provided: Reiki I, (First Degree Reiki)

Call Sharon at 575-430-1557 for more information. Cost $129.60



Reiki II Scheduled Classes–

One on One classes available

In this class, a higher level attunement is shared. A Reiki II manual is provided.  This attunement greatly increases the strength and flow of the Reiki energy. Attunement to the three powerful Reiki symbols provides you the tools for mental/emotional clearing, easing addictions, grief and guilt as well as sending the energy to others at a distance.

Participants will be taught higher level techniques and participate in flowing Reiki energy to someone at a distance with feedback from the receiver.
Reiki II increases intuitive abilities and with routine use promotes positive growth.

Saturday 10am-6pm

Certification provided: Reiki II Second Degree

Requirements: Proof of Prior Reiki I certification, Contact instructor at least a week prior to class to receive information on the symbols.  Familiarization with the symbols is necessary to attend this fast paced intensive.

Call Sharon at 575-430-1557 to reserve your place in class. Cost $162.00



Reiki III Class

Reiki III is for those who want to pass on the gift of Reiki by becoming a Reiki Master / Teacher.   Reiki III requires greater commitment. Participants are required to attend a minimum of 3 Healer’s Practice sessions with instructor, attend the scheduled sessions for the Master attunements, demonstrate competency in class, and attune another person to Reiki I.  Instructor approval to take Reiki III is required.  A Reiki III manual is provided.
Certification provided: Reiki III Master/Teacher


1. Proof of Reiki I and II prior certification. If your certificates are from other instructors, you may be asked to audit a Reiki 1 and/or Reiki II class with Sharon or attend a number of Reiki Share meetings for assessment.
2. Attendance of a minimum of 3 Healer’s Practice meetings. Healer’s Practice is a Reiki share which meets on Wednesdays between 6-8pm in Alamogordo.
3. Practicing self-Reiki and Journaling Reiki sessions with others
4. Working knowledge of Reiki symbols
5. Instructor Interview

If you are interested in attaining your Reiki III Master/Teaching Attunement Certification, please contact Sharon for specifics and requirements to attend.


  • Pre-registration and a deposit required for all classes.
  • Deposits will only be refunded with greater than 1 week’s notice of intent to reschedule or cancel.
  • Canceling within 1 week of class: your deposit will be applied to the next scheduled class.
  • Attendance through entire scheduled class time is required to receive certification.

Reiki Energy Hands-On Healing Class Cost:

Reiki I – $129.60
Reiki II – $162.00
Reiki III – $324.00

Mastercard, Visa, Cash and Check Accepted