1. When Trapped Emotions No Longer Rule

    Life can be filled with stress and continuous upset when multiple trapped emotions are in the body. Like a rung tuning fork, the vibrations go out attracting similar vibrations from ‘out there.’ It’s nothing more than a benevolent universe showing us over and over what we have within that is begging to get out. After only 4 sessions, a lovely lady I’ll call Janice (not her real name) told …Read More

  2. The Most Peaceful Place I Know

    Emotions.  We either attempt to hang onto the ones that feel good and run from those that hurt.  Emotions in and of themselves are not bad things…  they are just another thing.  What most people do not realize is that by truly experiencing the feeling of emotions as they arise, they clear of their own accord. We are not, as a society, taught to feel them, however.  Our national anthem might…Read More