Sharon has the tools and the heart to help you achieve greater balance in your life, connect with your authentic self, and uncover your personal power and incredible beauty.  Begin living your best life possible!  Call now to schedule your appointment .   Let’s get started!

She has a full tool box:  The Emotion Code, The Body Code, Reiki, Essenian Healing, Oneness Blessing & PSYCH-K®  

Sharon facilitates  Stress Reduction, Improved Outlook, Healing of Emotional Wounds, Clearing of Emotional Triggers and alignment of SubConscious Beliefs

During the eight years Sharon worked as a hospice nurse, she searched for techniques that would alleviate mental, emotional and physical pain. Sharon is now a life coach who brings  you the techniques she found most helpful for living your best life.

Get started on your healing journey today and experience the tools that will assist you in achieving inner peace and balance in all aspects of body, mind and soul.

In addition to individual sessions, Sharon hosts a weekly Reiki Share and Oneness meditation group. The Oneness Blessing is shared with every client at every session to facilitate awakening to a higher state of consciousness, a calmer mind and an improved relationship with yourself, others and your concept of the Divine.