Reiki energy is deeply relaxing Life-Force energy which addresses physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances.  Reiki clears blockages, opens your natural energy flow, energizes, and restores balance by recharging the endocrine system.   This ancient laying-on of hands technique promotes the body’s natural, innate healing ability.

As you lay fully clothed on a massage table, you will experience the deeply relaxing, comforting Reiki flow.  Call today to experience it for yourself!

Reiki supports the body, charges your battery, fills your energy gas tank and raises your overall vibration.

Sound, color, crystals and essential oils may also be a part of your Reiki session.

Reiki is a complementary practice.  It supports the body’s natural ability to heal itself and complements and supports standard medical treatments.Reiki is a Japanese word meaning Universal Life Force. It is a heart-centered, hands-on healing technique which draws from the unlimited Life Force or “Chi”energy of our amazing Source.

This energy, in Wayne cta1-rvDyer’s words, is the energy which “beats our hearts and breathes our bodies.” Flowing this energy with loving intent brings about the relaxation response – a deeply relaxed state in which the body can begin to heal itself. Reiki energy recharges the endocrine glands, and helps bring balance to your body, mind and soul.

Reiki is based on the teachings of Japanese born Mikao Usui, a man with an insatiable thirst for knowledge and an equally insatiable drive to find the meaning of life. Both of his children died in early adulthood and his loss may have been the impetus for his search. During his search, Mikao studied Chinese medicine, western medicine, psychology, and theology.

The tools for flowing Life Force Energy for self-healing was given to him during a meditation after years of searching for personal and spiritual healing. In his later years, Mikao Usui taught this self-help method to others.

Years of working with the dying honed Sharon’s ability to sense and flow this loving energy. She welcomes the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver an exceptionally powerful Reiki session and enlightening Reiki classes.

All services are for educational and self-improvement purposes, not for the diagnosis or treatment of any mental, behavioral or physical ailment. These practices are not a substitute for standard medical care.